Saturday, 21 June 2014

Henley Day Two!

Today was day two of Women's Henley Regatta and the Barolli eight was scheduled to race at 4:12 against the University of London! 
Selfie-day one with the Barolli eight

We started off the day with a mini "easy" isometric contractions warm up with Coach Paul and a pre-race visualization with Coach. Then spent the rest of the day relaxing and staying of our feet, before we headed down the path to the river.

Here's a little map of the river. The Barolli eight was lined up to race on the Bucks side of the race course.

We took in the pre-race craziness and used it to help us focus. 

Even when our competitor, the University of London, tried to  jumble our nerves in the warm-up area the Barolli kept its cool barely even glancing at the girls in the other boat. Game faces were on.
Game faces

The Barolli boat

The Barolli came off the line strong, rowing stroke for stroke with the University of London. Though London pulled ahead, the boat stayed focused and rowed that 1500 to its full potential finding a whole other gear for the last 500. And with cheers from the Waddel boat, Bowdin, Drexel, family, and friends the Barolli crossed the line as one knowing they had had one of the best races they could have asked for with the most amazing people. 

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